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The Department of Dental nursing and Therapy offers a unique programme which provides quality educational experiences for undergraduate Dental Therapy Students. This course is now firmly established and was offered for the first time in 1955. This undergraduate programme is designed to foster student growth, promote development of critical and ethical judgement, and encourage life-long learning. The curriculum includes didactic, laboratory and clinical instruction sufficient to graduate competent clinicians who are capable of practicing contemporary dental therapy procedures. The Programme is rapidly evolving to give the students an opportunity to learn and develop in a friendly, caring and professional environment from which to launch themselves into the responsibilities of a working life with confidence and competence..The National Diploma in Dental nursing and Therapy is awarded to graduate of IMP in ND and HND level.


The purpose of the Diploma in Dental Therapy programme is to produce caring, knowledgeable, competent and skillful graduates who are able, on qualification:

  • To demonstrate subject knowledge and understanding and demonstrate the clinical skills and competencies to enable them to practice dental therapy.
  • To accept professional responsibility for their role in the effective and safe care of patients.
  • To recognize their obligation to practice in the best interests of patients at all times.
  • To develop a questioning, scientific, and self-critical approach to the practice of dentistry.
  • To foster the intellectual skills required for future personal and professional development.
  • To develop an understanding of audit and clinical governance and to be able to work effectively as part of the dental team.

Admission into ND programmes shall be by Universal Tertiary Matriculation Examinations (UTME) with a minimum score of 120 points in the previous session/year as well as successful completion of a one-year preliminary programme or other approved measures, having passed O/Level GCE/SSCE, NECO or its equivalent with at least five credit passes in relevant subjects including English Language and Mathematics at not more than two sitting.

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